As Project Manager I support you in realizing your ideas and meeting your objectives. I can perform this role either as an active project manager, also in a “body leasing” scenario, if so desired. Or I can coach your employees and take over isolated parts of the project, whatever works best for you in your context. My approach to project management is undogmatic and pragmatic, I am happy to use either classic or agile methods and also to mix them – what counts is meeting the objectives, achieving the goals, ensuring that the project is a success.

Of course I am also available for interim management roles, I have successfully led IT, ERP, and content management teams/departments in STM, educational, and special interest publishers in the past.

Amongst the tasks that I will perform for you as a project manager are:

  • Define objectives and goals
  • Manage the stakeholders
  • Lead the requirements engineering process
  • Prioritize tasks and features
  • Define and manage the project scope
  • Create Requirements Specification documents
  • Provide market overview and orientation, lead the tender/RFP process and the service provider evaluation
  • Project planning
  • Manage deadlines, budget, and scope/quality
  • Provide project status reporting
  • Communicate and document
  • Conduct risk assessment/management
  • Lead Steering Committee Meetings
  • Coordinate service providers all around the world, as well as internal and external units
  • Prepare decisions and lead decision making processes
  • Moderate workshops
  • Provide guidance for application testing
  • Write specifications
  • Lead “Lessons Learned” sessions


I have been active as a project manager for more than 20 years, first in the music industry, then in software engineering, in research contexts, and for the last 11 years in the publishing industry. During this time I have successfully led many projects, ranging from small to large. Among those were:

  • Interim Management on department and team lead level
  • Implementation, Migration, and Consolidation of Content Platforms and Websites, including Webshops
  • Implementation, Migration, and Consolidation of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Integration of Webshops and Platforms with ERP systems, especially „Klopotek“
  • Integration and Consolidation of Systems and Data as part of M&A Processes
  • Implementation of eBook Workflows
  • Implementation and Migration of Manuscript Submission Systems
  • Migration of ERP systems
  • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Hosting Migration to High Availability/Disaster Recovery Environments
  • Event management for more than 100 concerts
  • Design and implement applications in the Digital Humanities

I possess technical expertise in the areas mentioned above combined with a knowledge of the corresponding markets (partners, service providers, and tools) and the necessary “soft skills” to lead projects successfully.

Whether remote or on-site, in German or English language – I adapt to your business context and situation and will perform in all of these scenarios.